Roulette Statistics & Prediction has an extremely simple interface. Each spin is recorded by a simple click of the mouse. Nothing needs to be typed into text boxes.

Get the Premium Version!

We already know that you’ll love our Roulette Statistics software, that’s why we have a no-questions asked money back guarantee! With our software, you’ll get accurate statistics and predictions.

Roulette Statistics Prediction Software

And when it comes to statistics everything is on hand at the click of a button.

Roulette Data

You can modify the suggested bets and you can set individual bet limits and table limits. Graphics show you where to place the bets. Nothing has been left out.

D'Alembert Strategy

Easily select and setup betting strategies. See which one performs best with different variables. Bear in mind we have used the program for testing so check out our free roulette prediction software.

Roulette Betting Strategy Software

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