Roulette Betting Strategies

Roulette Statistics & Prediction has four built-in betting strategies or you can choose your own. Our software allows you to implement and test different betting strategies according to your preference.

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Same Bet Strategy

This isn’t really a strategy at all because it simply places the same bet for each and every bet the software triggers. We call it the control strategy because it allows you to see differing results by simply betting the same amount against using any other betting strategy.

Martnigale Betting Strategy

The Martingale system is the oldest system ever but in it’s raw form is not very successful. Roulette Statistics & Prediction uses a very much modified form of this popular strategy.

The Martingale system uses the simple technique of doubling the stake on a losing bet until it wins. In theory you can never lose, in practise you lose. The reason why you lose is quite simple.

Take this example.

You stake 1 chip on EVEN and it loses so you stake 2 chips on EVEN and it loses again. Now you stake 4 chips on EVEN and it loses again. If you hit a bad losing streak by the time you get to eight loses in a row you are staking 256 chips just to gain 1 chip in profit. Lose another two times and you could be over the casinos roulette table limit and you’ve lost all your cash. The thing is the odds of hitting an eight losing EVEN streak is not very high. In fact it’s the same odds as the amount you have to stake, 256 to 1.

So what modification to the Martingale betting strategy does the software do to try to prevent high stakes for very small returns?

First it uses what we call a trigger mechanism.

You can set the number of times a bet has to lose before the computer activates the bet. Lets say that you set the trigger for the EVEN bet to 12. Now before you stake anything in order to lose 12 times in a row the bet has already hit the 1 in 4096 mark. So now the bet is made, say 1 chip. The odds of losing on the next spin have now risen to 1 in 8192. Now, of course, this is still not a huge number but it a much better starting point than 1 in 2.

However lets say the bet does lose for a further 4 times in a row. The odds for that happening are 1 in 131072. By using our trigger system the stake has risen to just 16 chips on the next bet which has the odds of 262144 to 1 of losing. If you lose that bet then you’ve really hit a bad losing streak, so the software can try to limit your loses by using a capping technique.

You can set a cap the number of times the doubling occurs on a particular type of bet before the bet is reset. So let’s say you set the cap to 3. The maximum you would lose before the bet is reset is just 7 chips.

The other method applies to any betting strategy you use where you can set the maximum stake you want to place on any given bet to, say 50 chips, before giving you the choice of what to do next. Either increase the maximum stake limit or reduce the stake.

The other thing to bear in mind that the system doesn’t only monitor say ODD or EVEN bet triggers. It monitors over 100 possible roulette bets and you can set which bets you want to be triggered without having to keep track yourself. The system knows what the stake was last time and tells you exactly what to bet next. Simple.

Roulette Betting Strategies

Labouchere Betting Strategy

The Labouchere roulette betting strategy is an interesting one. Roulette Statistics & Prediction uses a modified form of this popular strategy. It is our preferred betting strategy and in tests of the software we found Labouchere performed the best.

Labouchere is not complicated but in normal use you need to keep a written record of the next stakes and it is difficult to keep tabs on multiple roulette bets. Not so with Roulette Statistics & Prediction. It does all the work for you and more.

The Labouchere system works like this.

Your start with a string of numbers, say:

2 1 1 1 1 2

The first stake you make is the sum of the two outside numbers. In our example this would be 4 chips. Should the bet win you remove the two outside numbers leaving:

1 1 1 1

If the bet loses you add to the right of the string of numbers the amount of the last stake so the string would look like this:

2 1 1 1 1 2 4

The next stake is now the sum of the two outside number, 6 chips and so on. If you have no numbers left in the string then the string is reset to its original state IE. 2 1 1 1 1 2

If you hit a losing streak then the string can get quite large and the stakes can become quite big. For example, losing from the start eight times in a row would produce this string:

2 1 1 1 1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18

So how does Roulette Statistics & Prediction use this in a modified form?

First of all it uses the trigger mechanism as explained in the Martingale system. Then there is an option which allows you to limit the total length of the string before the string is reset.

Like all the strategies Roulette Statistics & Prediction monitors over 100 seperate roulette bets and keeps tabs on the Labouchere string for each bet.

As we said earlier Labouchere is our strategy of choice which performed the best in our tests. Get our free roulette strategy guide today!

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We already know that you’ll love our Roulette Statistics software, that’s why we have a no-questions asked money back guarantee! With our software, you’ll get accurate statistics and predictions.

D'Alembert Betting Strategy

The D’Alembert betting strategy was devised by the French mathematician of the same name and is used not only by gamblers but is a technique often used by stocks and shares dealers (if that’s not gambling). Roulette Statistics & Prediction uses a modified of this strategy.

Like all other betting strategies used in the software, a bet will only be triggered after a certain number of losses.

This is how the D’Alembert system works.

After each loss, one chip is added to the next bet, and after each win, one chip is deducted from the next bet. Starting with an initial stake of, say, 10 chips, a loss would raise the next stake to 11 chips. If this is followed by a win, the next stake would be 10 chips. Another win would lower the next stake to 9 chips and so on.

If you hit a winning streak and the chips get to zero the the stake is reset to its’ beginning value.

The betting strategy works well when there is a run of winning streaks but as you can see a sequence of say RED, BLACK, RED, BLACK, RED, BLACK gets you nowhere.

Roulette Statistics & Prediction automatically keeps record of the amount to stake on over 100 roulette bets, so you don’t need to.

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