Secret Roulette Strategy

We’re sure that you’ll love our Roulette Statistic & Prediction Software but just to make sure, try it risk free! The free version is very powerful, but if you want more accurate statistics and predictions, then consider our premium version which can track 10,000 bets.

So you clicked to see the secret strategy! Now, what's the secret?

Let's start with why we made the software!

The four programmers that worked on this software are all avid gamblers. We gamble on anything. We regularly go to the casino to play roulette and each of us have our own “system”. The common feature from all of our systems is that if a bet has lost a ‘X’ number of times, it is due a win soon!

Now, you’ve probably read many articles which talk about roulette as a game of chance. What happens on the previous spin has no bearing on what will happen on the next spin. The fact that black has come in 10 times doesn’t mean that it won’t come in black again. This is absolutely true, except for one thing….

We will give anyone a million dollars if they can stand in front of us with a (non-rigged) coin and spin one hundred heads in a row.

Show us one casino where the roulette wheel has produced 50 black numbers in a row or where ‘0’ has come up ten times in a row. It won’t happen, and why?

Because of the paradox that is the fact that if the result is random, why do random strings of repeats never happen? They simply don’t happen.

Now, think about your first thoughts if the casino roulette table produced 50 black numbers in a row. You’d think that the roulette game is rigged or that there is a problem causing some wheel bias.

Therefore, we think that it’s a fact that a long sequence of losing beds, although possible in theory, just do no occur in real life. There is a problem though, how long is long? Losing 10 times in a row, 15, 20, or 25?

So, we set out to write a program that could help us find out and that’s how we came about building our software.

It's easy and programmed into our software.

How do we know our software works?

Because we tested it, with an independent, inexperienced player who never played before. And what happened?

They found a betting strategy which often worked for them!

Every purchase of our software includes our secret strategy!

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This is how we know it works!

Our software keeps track of 128 possible roulette bets and triggers a bet when the bets hit a certain number of losing times in a row. We also put modified betting strategies in place to calculate the stake that is played when a bet is triggered plus some other variable settings, like the maximum single stake amount to reduce possible big losses.

In order to test the software, we gave it to a friend of ours who is not a regular gambler and who thinks that there are no roulette systems. She was a non-believer, for now.

Secret Roulette Strategy

After two weeks of testing she came back to us and was still sceptic and said that there was something wrong with our software because the secret built-in betting strategy was working for her! Then we realised how effective it can be to get calculated and real-time information about bets on roulette.

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Imagine having all the roulette statistics at your fingertips! You can make “educated” bets instead of “trying your luck”.

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