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Why you need Roulette Statistics!

Our revolutionary Roulette Statistics software will give you everything you need to know how to make educated predictions based on statistics. When playing online casino games or even just betting for fun, you need to know the stats so you can increase the probability of getting a good prediction.

Professional gamblers know the odds, their brains are wired to understand the probability of what might come next. This gives them an advantage over other players. For most of us, there are just too many calculations to do to get the right answers and we need a little help.

This is where our software can help you. It makes all the calculations for you based on previous spins which are captured in real time.

Rainman in Casino Las Vegas

Unless you have a brain like Rain Man, you’re never going to be able to remember previous spins and calculate future probability. We can and in real time!

Built-in Roulette Betting Strategies

Do you know what people do when playing any type of game? Whether it’s a gambling game, playing for fun or even playing a sport? They use strategies to win. That’s why we’ve built in 4 strategies into our software so you can choose the best strategy for you! If that’s not enough, you can implement your own custom strategies to give you the best predictions possible.

Same Bet (Control) Strategy

All scientific studies need a control and our prediction software is no different. This control strategy which we’ve named “Same Bet” simply places the same bet each time. It allows us to see the different results of betting the same amount when compared against any other betting strategy which we’ve implemented or you implement when playing roulette.

Martingale Roulette Calculator

This is the oldest strategy known to roulette and it’s not the most successful one. That’s why we’ve modified it with what we call a trigger system. What we have done is prevented the high stakes required for successive losses which only yield small returns on bets. We’ve set caps on the number of times doubling occurs too.

Labouchere Betting System

This strategy is nearly 200 years old when it was developed and has been used by thousands of gamblers ever since. Sometimes known as the split martingale, this fliexible system makes betting a lot safer. It’s believed that this is a successful betting system because you can return a profit through winning less bets than you lose. Use our software to implement this system in your game.

D'Alembert Roulette System

Also modified from the Martingale system, it’s considered a simple strategy to implement. However, you do need to track your bets and that exactly where our software can help you implement this strategy quickly and easily. It’s a safe strategy and commonly used. Many players believe it to be successful, but it doesn’t always yeild high gains. Low risk bets with small gains.

Implement Your Own Strategy!

If you have your own winning roulette strategy, you can use this software to test them out using our Random Add Spins feature before playing for real cash. All strategies can be tweaked using your own ideas and safely tested using our software.

Keep track of more than 120 possible bets and implement betting strategies by recording your roulette game play in real time.

With an easy to use interface, get predictions on actual routette spins from any online casino you play!

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Roulette Statistics FAQ

Because we believe it’s pointless playing on a double zero roulette table. It increases the casinos ‘edge’ from around
2.7% to around 5.2%.

Part of the idea behind Roulette Statistics & Prediction is to take money from the casinos not give them more money.

This is a feature of some roulette tables where if you bet on an evens bet and zero comes up you get half you stake back. This cuts the casino ‘edge’ to just 1.35% so you should always try to find a roulette table to play on with this

YES. We provide a 100% refund within 30 days. Our gold version allows you to store up to 10,000 bets which provides you with accurate statistics and predictions.

Buy today with a 100% no-question money back guarantee!

Yes, of course we do! That’s why we made it in the first place. We didn’t expect to release it to the public. The small group of us who wrote the program did so in the beginning to assist us with our own gambling habits. We all enjoy a trip to the casino.

After writing the first program and using it we decided to ‘professionalise’ it and let others make use of it. It is because we ourselves are gamblers who happen to be able to write software that we knew exactly what features to incorporate and what would be useful.

Of course not. Anyone who has been to a casino knows there are no guarantees. The system which we promote does work if you follow the instructions exactly and never deviate. Test it for yourself. However gamblers being gamblers often deviate away from their betting strategy for no other reason than they are gamblers and get a ‘feeling’ for a bet. Unfortunately a ‘feeling’ is not maths and this is where the casinos often gain.

Roulette Statistics & Prediction does what it says on the label. It records real time roulette spins and offers you statistics about all the spins it records. It then offers you betting options based on that data.

All gamblers love to try to find a way to beat the bookies or casinos. It’s part of the fun of playing. The program gives you a way to test roulette betting theories and some roulette betting strategies really do work. The example on our site did work for us but as we said you have to be focused enough not to deviate away from the betting strategy used.

We think it’s better to have an idea in mind and follow that idea than have no plan or strategy at all.

We used to give away a free version of our Roulette Statistics and Prediction, but we have discontinued the free version. Our users told us that they needed the full version to get the most out of it and we listened. So we created just one version, our fully-fledged Roulette Statistics and Prediction Gold Version! Remember, all purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply contact us for a refund and we’ll give it to you. No questions asked!

Get the Premium Version!

We already know that you’ll love our Roulette Statistics software, that’s why we have a no-questions asked money back guarantee! With our software, you’ll get accurate statistics and predictions.

Roulette Statistics & Prediction in no way guarantees success rates of any kid. The software does exactly what it says on the label, it calculates roulette bet statistics and predicts the next bet based on user defined settings.

There are two easy-to-use versions, the free version and the pro version. There are no annoying popups in the free version asking you to upgrade. Instead, you’re just limited to storing 200 previous bets. If you’re serious about roulette then you’ll want the pro version which can handle 10,000 bets. This allows it to give more accurate predictions.

After installing the software, you will see the main interface which has five areas. There is a roulette table, a roulette spin history bar, a quick statistics display window and a display of your current chip pot.

Recording Spins

You can record your spins on the roulette table layout, just click the number on the roulette table and the spin is recorded in the history bar. If you make a mistake, then you can click on it again and it removes the spin. After entering a spin, the statistics are recalculated and the system will offer a next best bet or bets to play.

Quick Roulette Stats

There are three modes about how the software provides you with quick stats. You can choose to see the Win/Loss data, Betting Data or Streak Data. Therefore, it’s easy to see the stats you need by right clicking on the roulette table in the position the bet would have been placed.

For example, if you want to see the statistics for the red roulette bet, click on the red bet position. For a corner bet of 1, 2, 5 or 4, click on the position of that bet. If you want an individual number, right click on that position. For any neghbouring bets, you can click on that position. Over 200 possible roulette bets can be calculated and viewed.

Detailed Display Window

You can click the “Full Stats” button and a new window will open where you can choose the type of bet where you want to see the statistics. On the free version you can see the statistical data for all single number bets, split bets, street bets, corners bets, line bets, even bets and a dozen bets.

On the GOLD version, you can also see all these bets but you can also calculate statistics for double 20, 24, 26, 27, 28 bets, French bets, neighbour bets and your own custom bets.

Types of Roulette Statistics you can see

There are three types of statistics you can calculate and view. These are displayed in a colour co-ordinated graphical, tabulated form. The three displays are:

  • Win/Loss Data
  • Winning Streak Data
  • Losing Streak Data

Win/Loss Data

Here, you can see statistics on the last time a bet was won or lost, the total times the bet has won, what this is as a percentage, the mathematical percentage for what the bet is, what the swing bet is, what the swing percentage is away from the mathematcial percentage, the longest winning streak for the bet and the longest losing streat for the bet.

This information is useful for players looking for roulette bias wheels. In an instant you can see if any areas of the roulette wheel are occuring more than the mathmatical probability. YOU CAN SEE IF THE TABLE IS FIXED!

Winning Streak

This data shows you how many times a roulette bet has won in a row and how often. It shows statistics for up to twenty winning streaks. For example, how many times it won 10 times in a row, 9 times in a row, and so on.

Losing Streak

The losing streak data shows you the opposite of the winning streak data. For example, you can see the number of times a bet lost 10 times, 9 times and so on. This statistical data is important because it is the backbone of the betting strategies which you can create and modify.

Creating Roulette Strategies

Our software works on the basis on only calculating bets on a roulette bet after it has lost a certain number of times. Now any mathematician will tell you that every roulette spin has exactly the same probability of winning irrespective of what happened previously. This is 100% correct.

However, when random numbers are produced, the probability of a long streak of the same number or bet occuring is huge!

Think about it…

Just because there is a 50/50 chance of getting heads or tails when spinning a coin, what is the probability of getting 50 heads in a row?

It’s a staggering 1,125,899,906,624 to 1.

This is how we look at the roulette table. The chances of losing on playing black four times in a row is only 16 to 1.

Therefore, our Roulette Statistics and Prediction software allows you set at which point any specific bet is triggered. You can set a bet to be triggered after, for example, it has lost 10 times in a row (the odds of this happening is 1024 to 1). Should the bet lose, then the stake can be increased according betting strategy you have in place. This is not a new idea, it’s been in the public domain for hundreds of years, but I would prefer to stake $5 on a bet that has 2,000 to 1 chance of winning instead of a million to one!

Our software helps you to make these decisions with already established systems or using your own strategy.

Read more about roulette betting strategies here.

Testing Your Roulette Strategy

With our roulette statistics software, all betting strategies can be set according to your own choices. In the GOLD version of our software, you can create your own bets, for example, you might want to implement the “Red Snake Bet”. However, you don’t want to be sitting at a roulette table losing money while you’re trying to figure out your system. So, our program has an “Auto Random Number Generator” feature which simulates real casino spins and allows you to see how your betting strategies are working.

Bet Prediction Choices

The software will calculate the next best bet or bets. It will also tell you what to stake on that bet according to the parameters you have set. Moreover, the system also gives you the chance to change the amount or not make a bet at all. This is where you can use your own betting strategy. Roulette Statistics will always offer you the next best bet and you can decide the amount of the bet according to your own rules.

How to Win at Roulette

There are no systems which can guarantee that you always win at roulette. However, we have a formula which is to set a stop win bet. When playing roulette, your chip pot will rise and fall as you win or lose. But setting a “stop win” value can help to reduce the house edge. If you set the “stop win” value too high, then it serves no purpose. Stopping when you are winning is a good strategy because if you continue to play, then the casino always wins, whatever strategy you choose. Casinos are built on losers not winners.

Roulette Wheel Bias

Finding a biased roulette wheel is every gambers dream! Imagine finding an ATM which paid out 20s instead of 10s. A biased wheel is exactly that!

You can make enormous amounts of money with roulette wheel bias and our software will help you to identify when the wheel is rigged.

But remember….

Biased wheels only occur with live roulette tables. Casinos know that wheel bias can make or break them, so they use every means possible to detect it. However, you might find a smaller casino who don’t maintain their wheel as good as they can do! Our software will help you to find roulette wheels which are not 100% random.

Roulette Statistics and Prediction

Lakers software doesn’t not make any earning or income representations and this software merely gives you predictions based on statistics collected. It does not seek to provide you with a solution to win every time nor should it be treated as such. We do not accept any responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of using our software.

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