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So you clicked the button now what's the secret?

Well, we will tell you but first you need some background information.

The four programmers that worked on this software, including myself,
are all avid gamblers. We gamble on anything. We regularly go to the
casino to play roulette and each of us have our our own 'system'. But
all of our systems are based upon the fact that a bet that has lost x
amount of times and is therefore due a win.

Now if you read many articles they will tell you roulette is pure
chance and what has occurred previously has no bearing on what will
happen on the next spin. IE. The fact that black has come in 10 times
does not mean it wont come in black again. Absolutely true except for
one thing.

We will give anyone a $1000, no make that $2000, who can stand
in front of us with a (non rigged) coin and spin one hundred heads
in a row or a hundred tails in row.

Show us any casino where the roulette wheel has produced fifty black
numbers in a row or where '0' has come up ten times in a row. It wont
happen and why? Because of the paradox that it is the fact that the
result is random is why random long strings of repeats simply do not
happen. (Read the interesting facts about an infinite number of
producing the works of Shakespeare. Not enough years left
in the universe for it to happen!)

Not only that. Think what would be your first thoughts if it did happen
in a casino. Fifty odd numbers in a row? You would be thinking that
casino roulette table or software must be rigged. (Having said that
there could be a reason why it could happen. Read our bias wheel

Therefore we think that as it's a given fact that a long sequence of
losing bets, although possible in theory, just do not occur in real life.
There is a problem though. How long is long? Losing 10 times in a
row, 15, 20, 25? So we set out to write a program that could help us
find out hence
Roulette Statistics & Prediction.

The program keeps track of 128 possible roulette bets and triggers a
bet when the bet hits a certain number of losing times in a row. We
also put modified betting strategies in place to calculate the stake
that is played when a bet is triggered plus some other variable
settings, like the maximum single stake amount, to reduce possible
big losses.

In order to test the software we gave it to a friend of ours who is not
a regular gambler and who certainly thinks that there are no roulette
systems. A total skeptic. After about two weeks of testing she came
back with her report. “There's something wrong with the way your
program generates random numbers because I found some betting
strategy settings that consistently worked. You must be fixing the
random number generator to the bet the computer suggests.”

We checked back on the program code which didn't take long because
it's only one line long and here it is. A standard computer random
number generating piece of code that any programmer will verify
produces a random number between 0 and 36.


When we explained this to her she then said “Ah yes. But online
casinos have better random number generating software.” OK. Well a
random number is a random number but maybe online casinos do
have a special 'trick' the general public don't know about. So we sent
her back to test the software again but this time in real time with an
online casino, albeit playing with free money. Same result.

Now if you don't believe us you can try out the betting strategy for
yourself because we come at last to the secret. We will tell you what
the settings were she used. Download the free software, set the
betting strategy as per the instructions and test the results for
yourself. If it is not true then we've wasted your time but why would
we do that? We want you to buy the
GOLD version of the program!

Click the button below to see the betting strategy settings and the
results she found.
By the way.

The record for the highest recorded times that the same number has come up in a row
was set on July 9th 1959 at the San El Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico when the number 10
came up six times in a row. The odds of this happening are 3,010,936,384 to 1 on a
roulette wheel with a double zero!

The odds for tossing fifty heads in a row is 1,125,899,906,842,624 to 1 so we are
going to increase the bet we made earlier to $10,000. Of course this also means that
the odds of losing fifty times to tails in a row are the same, which proves our point

The odds of a monkey randomly pressing keys on a keyboard and spelling just the word
banana is 15,625,000,000 to 1!