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Roulette Statistics calculator FAQ
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Why doesn't the software allow for double zero bets?
Because we beleive it's pointless playing on a double zero
roulette table. It increases the casinos 'edge' from around
2.7% to around 5.2%. Part of the idea behind
Statistics & Prediction
is to take money from the casinos not
give them more.
What is the 'La Partage' feature?
This is a feature of some roulette tables where if you bet on
an evens bet and zero comes up you get half you stake back.
This cuts the casino 'edge' to just 1.35% so you should
always try to find a roulette table to play on with this
If I buy the GOLD version of the program can I get a
refund if I don't like it?
Of course we will give you a refund if you contact us with a
request for a refund within a reasonable period. However,
what you should do first is download the FREE version and
test it to see if you like it. If you don't then don't purchase
the GOLD version. Simple.
Do you use the program?
Roulette Statistics & Prediction does what it says on the
label. It records real time roulette spins and offers you
statistics about all the spins it records. It then offers you
betting options based on that data.

All gamblers love to try to find a way to beat the bookies or
casinos. It's part of the fun of playing. The program gives you
a way to test roulette betting theories and some roulette
betting strategies really do work. The example on our site did
work for us but as we said you have to be focused enough not
to deviate away from the betting strategy used.

We think it's better to have an idea in mind and follow that
idea than have no plan or strategy at all.
If I use the secret settings do you guarantee I will win at
Of course not. Anyone who has been to a casino knows there
are no guarantees. The system which we promote
does work
if you follow the instructions exactly and never deviate. Test
it for yourself. However gamblers being gamblers often
deviate away from their betting strategy for no other reason
than they are gamblers and get a 'feeling' for a bet.
Unfortunately a 'feeling' is not maths and this is where the
casinos often gain.
The small group of us who wrote the program did so in the
beginning to assist us with our own gambling habits. We all
enjoy a trip to the casino. After writing the first program and
using it we decided to 'professionalise' it and let others make
use of it. It is because we ourselves are gamblers who
happen to be able to write software that we knew exactly
what features to incorporate and what would be useful.
So what's the point of the program then?