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When you download the software you don't actually need to change
any settings because we have set them to the default. But of course
the program is all about changing variables to see how they effect the
statistics, so here's how to set the parameters she used.

From the main page click the
Strategies button. The Betting
stategies window will open. Set all the figures exactly as shown on
the screenshot.
When you have done that click the Exit button. The settings are automatically saved and
this dialog box appear to which you answer Yes.
That's it. The strategy has been set. Now the test. Repeat the following sequence for as
long as you want to continue testing. Remember that this sequence is the same for any
betting strategy you are testing.
1. Click the Clear Data button. This starts a new
session. When asked if you want to reset previously
played betting strategy bets, answer Yes.
2. Click the Random Lot button and this dialog
windows shows. Leave the settings as they are. You
can click the Animate check box if you like to see the
bets being placed on the casino table but it's not
2. Click the Continue button, sit back and watch the
betting. The adding process will stop either when you
hit the target win, which in this case is 75 chips or
when 200 spins have been added.
3. When the adding process has stopped. Click the
show Win/Loss button and write down the number of
4. Now click the show Bets button and write down the
Lowest chip pot value, Biggest chip pot value, and the
Biggest bet placed value.
5. On the main screen it will show what the current
chip pot value stands at. This may not be the same as
the Biggest chip pot value as you could have lost
some since then. Write this value down.
6. Thats it. Go back to step 1 and repeat as many
times as you like. Run it at least 15 times though and
don't be put off if you hit an early losing streak. The
pot should recover any early losses.
Of course you can change any of the betting strategy settings. You may even find better
settings than these. The combinations of strategies from
Roulette Statistics & Prediction
are enourmous and we certainly haven't found all of them. All we are saying is that these
settings worked for us. Click here to view the data we have from repeating this test for 100
sessions. As you should see if you do the same test we haven't just picked out the best
results. Your results should be very similar but obviously not exactly the same.