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Roulette Statistics & Prediction records roulette spins from
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you need.

Not only that but
Roulette Statistics & Prediction will also
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and the betting strategy you choose
Roulette Statistics & Prediction
records statistics for:
French Bets, Neighbour Bets, Custom Bets
Roulette Statistics & Prediction
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If you need real time roulette statistics then
Roulette Statistics & Prediction can give you all
you need to know at the click of a button. And
you can download it for
Straight bets - Street bets - Line bets - Even bets
Split bets - Corner bets - 12's bets - Column bets
French bets - Neighbour bets - Custom bets
Stores over 10000 spins for bias wheel checking
PLUS records statistics for:
Roulette Statistics & Prediction
keeps track of over 120 possible
roulette bets and includes
betting strategies based on
Martingale, Labouchere and
D’Alembert. You can even use
your own roulette betting
strategies and test them by
using the unique random roulette
spin generator.

Roulette Statistics & Prediction
has an easy to use interface and
unlike other roulette statistics
programs uses actual roulette
spins from the online casino you
are playing.

You can even use the program to
detect roulette bias wheels if you
play live online roulette.

Roulette Statistics & Prediction
is the tool you need if you are
serious about playing roulette.
Take an in depth look at the
features available to you in

Roulette Statistics &


Take an in depth look at the
features available to you i
Roulette Statistics &


Detailed Review of Roulette Statistics & Prediction
by Mathew Forster

Roulette Statistics and Prediction makes no great claims about being able to make roulette players millions of
dollars or guarantees of 99.99% success rates in it's prediction calculations. The software does what it says on
the label, it calculates roulette bet statistics and then calculates a next bet prediction based on user defined

There are two versions of the program the free version and the gold version and I'll come to the differences later
but both are very easy to install and work in the exact same way. The free version has no 'nag ware', annoying
pop-ups encouraging you to purchase, no time limits on it's use and has a certification as being free from any
malware, adware or spyware as does Roulette Statistics and Prediction gold.

After installing the program the user is shown the main graphical interface consisting of five main areas. The main
graphical interface of a roulette table layout, a roulette spin history bar, a quick statistics display window, a
display of your current chip pot and a kind of control panel which are really just a series of button options.


The roulette table layout is where you record spins from the roulette casino you are playing at. Recording a
roulette spin couldn't be easier. A simple left click of the mouse on the number position on the roulette table
layout and the spin is recorded in the history bar. If you make a mistake then a left click on the entry in history
bar removes the spin. Very easy indeed. After entry of the spin the statistics are re-calculated and a next best
bet or bets are offered for the next play.


The quick statistics display has three modes. From the click of a button you can choose to see Win/Loss data,
Streak data or Betting data. You can instantly see Win/Loss statistics or Streak statistics for any roulette bet by
right clicking the mouse on the roulette table in the position the bet would have been placed. So for some
examples. If you want to see statistics for the red roulette bet click on the red bet position, for a corner bet of
1,2,5,4 click on the position of that bet, for an individual number right click on that position, for any neighbours
bet click on that position. Again very easy. Over two hundred possible roulette bets can be calculated and


If you want to see more detailed information about various roulette bets then click the FULL STATS button. A new
window opens and you can choose which type of roulette bet you want statistics for and the type of statistical
information you require. On the free version you can see statistical data for the following roulette bets.

All single number bets, split bets, street bets, corners bets, line bets, even bets and dozen bets.

On the gold version of the program you also can calculate statistics for double 20, 24, 26, 27, 28 bets, French
bets, neighbour bets and your own custom bets.


There are three types of statistics you can calculate and view, which are displayed in a colour co-ordinated
graphic, tabulated form.

The three displays are Win/Loss data, Winning Streak data and Losing Streak data.

The Win/Loss data calculates statistics on the last time a bet won, the last time a bet lost, the total times the
bet has won, what this is as a percentage, what the mathematical percentage for the bet is, what the swing
percentage is away from the mathematical percentage, the longest winning streak for the bet and the longest
losing streak for the bet.

This information is useful for players looking for roulette bias wheels. In an instant you can see if any specific
areas of the roulette wheel are occurring more often than the mathematical probability.

The Winning Streak data shows you when how many times a roulette bet has won in a row and how often. It
shows statistics for up to twenty winning streaks. For example, how many times it won say ten times in a row,
nine times in a row and so on.

The Losing Streak data shows you the opposite of the Winning Streak data. ie. The number of times a bet lost say
twelve times, ten times seven times and so on. This statistical data is important because it is the backbone of the
betting strategies that you can create and modify.


The software works on a basis of only calculating bets on a roulette bet after it has lost a certain number of
times. Now any roulette player or mathematician will tell you that every roulette spin has exactly the same
probability of winning irrespective of what has happened previously and this is absolutely correct. However it is
worth looking a bit further into this. Random numbers being random numbers tends to suggest that the probability
of a long streak of the same number or bet occurring can get astronomically huge.

Think about it. Mathematicians say that just because you spin a coin and it comes down heads fifty times that
the probability that heads will occur again is 50/50. True but in order to spin fifty heads in a row the probability
odds are a staggering 1,125,899,906,842,624 to 1 against it happening. If we put this in a roulette setting the
chances of say fifty black numbers losing in a row are about the same. On the flip side of the coin (pun intended)
the chances of black losing say four times is a mere 16 to 1.

Therefore Roulette Statistics and Prediction allows you to set at which point any specific roulette bet is triggered.
Again taking the black example. You can set this bet to be triggered only after it has lost say ten times in a row
(odds 1024 to 1) before placing a stake on that bet. Should the bet lose then the stake can be increased
according to the betting strategy you have chosen, more about that later. This is not a new idea as this system
has been in the public domain for years, probably since roulette was invented but it has it's merits as I would
certainly stake $5 on a bet that has a 2000 to 1 chance of winning.

But roulette being a game of chance means this does happen so a second option has to be put in place and this is
where you can use one of three in built well known roulette betting strategies albeit in a modified form. The
Martingale, Labouchere or D'Alembert betting systems.

Martingale Betting System.

The Martingale system is well known as it simply doubles the stake after every losing bet. Fine and this would
never fail providing you have two options open to you. One, a huge amount of money and two, the casino doesn't
have a table limit. Lets say you start to use this betting system from the start. As we saw earlier the chances of
losing just eight times in a row on black is 256 to 1. If you had staked a single chip to start by this time you would
have staked two hundred and fifty five chips to win possibly one chip on the ninth spin. Not very good really.
However by starting staking money on a bet after it has already lost twelve times in a row (odds of 4096 to 1) the
probability of it losing a further four times in a row rise to 65536 to 1. If this happens then you have staked and
lost fifteen chips. A much more reasonable potential loss.

But the secret of all gambling is not to chase losses so another parameter you can set for this system within the
program is the number of times to double up before quitting that bet. This is call a capped Martingale strategy.
This has the effect of limiting potentially huge stakes. Even at 65536 to 1 losses still occur.

One thing to note though is that you don't have to keep track of anything. Roulette Statistics and Prediction
monitors over a hundred possible triggered roulette bets and keeps tab on what the next stake should be.

Labouchere Betting System.

The Labouchere system is very elegant in use. As previously explained in the Martingale betting system, roulette
bets are triggered in the same way but the betting system is changed.

In the Labouchere system you start with a string of numbers, again user definable within the program but for

2 1 1 1 2

The first stake is the sum of the outside numbers, in this case four chips. Should the bet win the outside numbers
are removed from the string leaving

1 1 1

The next stake is now two chips. Should this win then the next stake is one chip and if this wins and because
there are no longer any numbers left in the string then string is reset to its original form ie. 2 1 1 1 2 and you start

If you lose the first bet then you add the amount staked to the right of the string

2 1 1 1 2 4

The next stake is now the sum of the two outside numbers, six chips. Should this lose six is added to the string
which now is 2 1 1 1 2 4 6 and so on. You can see that a long streak of losing bets could make the string very
long and increase the stakes accordingly, so again the software has a loss limit to restrain how long the string can
get before it is reset. You can set this parameter to any value.

As previously mentioned Roulette Statistics and Prediction keeps track of all this data for you for over one hundred
roulette bets so you don't need to do the maths.

D'Alembert Betting System.

The D'Alembert betting system is very easy and is used extensively by stocks and shares speculators. It works on
this basis.

You start with an initial stake say ten chips. If the bet wins then you place the same bet again but with nine
chips. If it wins again you stake eight chips until such time as you get to zero chips when you start again.

If you lose a bet then the stake increases to eleven chips, lose again and the stake increases to twelve chips and
so on.

This betting system only works if streaks of a particular roulette bet occur in any given session. You can see that
should the result be red, black, red, black, red, black, red black. You have progressed no where.

Other settings within the program can also trigger a reset of the betting strategies. You can set the number of
spins after which all betting strategies are reset. This is to protect from individual stakes rising too high. You can
also set the individual maximum stake for any type of bet and of course the system wont allow bets where the
sum of all stakes placed are higher than the casinos table limit.

When there is a situation where no bets are triggered you have two options. One is to stake on the same bet as
last spun or two, stake on the bet that won the spin before last. This is called following the shoe and either is a
good strategy when there are no other alternatives.


Now all the betting parameters can be set according to your choice and in the gold version of the program you
can create your own roulette bets, say the well known Red Snake bet. But you don't want to necessarily sit at a
roulette table for a couple of hours why you try out your betting system so the program has an auto Random
Number Generator which will simulate casino spins and allow you to see how your betting settings are working. The
random number generator conforms to the BASIC standard RNG system so is as random as you can get from a
computer, simulating that of a casinos.


As was mentioned earlier the software will calculate the next best bet or bets and the amount to stake on the bet
based on the parameters you have set. However the system also gives you the opportunity to change the amount
to stake or not make the bet at all. This is where you can use your own betting strategy. Roulette Statistics and
Prediction will still offer you the next best bet but you can decide the amount of the stake according to your own


There are no special systems that can guarantee that you always win at roulette however a popular formula which
is available in the program is to set a stop win value. Typically when playing roulette your chip pot will rise and fall
as you win or lose. By setting a stop win value and really stopping play at that moment helps to reduce the house
edge. Obviously if you set the stop win value too high then it serves no purpose but setting a reasonable profit
can pay off in the long run. A somewhat bizarre instant of a stop win happened in real life when an Englishmen
staked all he had, over a hundred thousand pounds, on red in a live casino and won then walked out without
playing another bet. It was done as a part of a reality TV show stunt. Stopping when you are winning is a good
strategy to follow because if you continue to play in the long run the casino always wins whatever strategy you
choose. Real casinos are built on losers not winners.


Finding a bias roulette wheel is every professional roulette players dream as is finding an ATM that pays out $20
bills instead of $10 bills to everyone with an ATM card. A bias roulette wheel is effectively defective insomuch that
for several reasons particular numbers tend to occur more often than they mathematically should do. There are
instances in the past where players have found such bias roulette wheels and have made enormous sums of
money. Roulette Statistics and Prediction gold version can show you statistics that could imply a bias roulette
wheel but you have to remember two things.

One, bias wheels are only possible with live roulette and two, casinos are wise to it and have their own software
in place similar to ours which would detect any bias. There may be some smaller casinos around the world which
don't maintain their wheels as well as they should but it's still a long term project involving many spins and
recording results over a good period. Still many gamblers are interested in this and it can be fun trying to find one.


Roulette Statistics and Prediction is not a wonder program that guarantees winning success at roulette. It gives
you information and the ability to test particular betting parameters to find betting strategies that can work more
often than not. Indeed the developers have found settings that worked for them in the beta trials. Details of the
settings they used can be found on the secrets page from the website. It is a good, easy to use roulette tool for
anyone seriously interested in playing roulette.
Roulette Statistics & Prediction Software Download
Ratings for Roulette Statistics & Prediction GOLD
Roulette Statistics & Prediction GOLD has been credited with many awards for it's ease of
use and gurantees of being spyware, adware and virus free. Here are just a few of the well
known internet sites that have given us raving reviews.
Roulette odds and roulette probability are not necessarily the same thing. Roulette
being a game of chance always gives any bet the same odds for any given spin.
Take a French roulette table with a single zero. The odds of any given number
occurring is 1 in 37, roughly 2.7%.

Any roulette master will tell you the same thing that because a number has won say
four times there is still a 1 in 37 chance that it will come in a fifth time. However
what is often left out of the equation is the probability of a roulette number winning
five times in a row. The maths is quite simple. 37^5.

For a roulette number to win five times in a row the probability is 369,343,957.
Indeed the record for the highest number of times that the same number has come
up in a row was apparently set in 1959 in Puerto Rico when the number 10 came up
six times in a row. The odds of this happening are a staggering 3,010,936,384 to 1
on a roulette wheel with a double zero!

If we were to put this even further perspective the probability that all the roulette
numbers came in a 0 to 36 perfect order is so big it can only be quoted exponentially
as 1.055513495577778e+58.

So back to roulette odds and probability. If I were a gambler, which I am, I would
definitely bet on against a number that has just won five times in a row irrespective
if the actual roulette odds are just 37 to 1. If I lost then it really would be my
unlucky day.

This same theory can be used about betting on a roulette bet that has lost x
amount of times. Take an even money roulette bet say 1 to 18. The odds of this bet
losing on any given spin is 19/37 or roughly 51.35%. The probability that this bet
could lose ten times in a row is approximately 784 to 1. For the bet to lose twenty
times in a row the probability rises to over a 600,000 to 1 against. Again at those
odds I would definitely wager a few grand!

Roulette Odds and Probability
by Mathew Forster